There are many places on Earth but Vancouver has its own flavour of taste which only a gourmand can understand. The place which is the capital of British Columbia, the place which is known as the third-largest metropolitan area in Canada and as per the Economist Intelligence unit it is the most livable city in the world. Vancouver is a place having beautiful mountains, hundreds of mesmerizing parks and garden, World’s largest Sea wall, valleys, beautiful sunset and many more. There are several activities which are made for a different age group so that each age group can take fuller advantage of it. It’s at least onetime life experience and completely worth investing.

1. Stanley Park

                It is the most attracted destination in Vancouver where people come to relax and feel free. It is said that the Park offers so many things that even spending a complete day there is not enough. If travellers want to have an experience like a local then they should do cycling, walking around the sea wall and jogging. The path starts right from the Vancouver Convention centre and ends at Spanish Banks Beach Park. If you as a travels want to feel away from the crowd then you go to the forest traits which is around 17 miles away from the park hiring a bike which is easily available over there on rent. Travellers recommend hiking the South Creek Trail, which leads to the lily pad-covered Beaver Lake.

 If possible for the travellers, they should visit the park on various events such as Walk with Dragon (July), Halloween Ghost Train (October) and Dance at Dust (summer).

Public transit is available for Stanley Park by taking a Sea bus, take a short walk and reach Pipeline Lost Lagoon or Stanley Park Loop from there take bus #19.

2. Grouse Mountain

                The place is also known as Mother Nature’s Staircase”, the place is well versed with natural beauty where the travellers will have to walk a lot. Once you reach the top the amazing view will sure make you feel it’s completely worth coming to the place. The vista will be enjoyed by a traveller with cold drinks of Ice. Travellers can also do Grouse Grind in order to enjoy a 360-degree view. It is an amazing place where travellers can reach via public transit. From the Down Town Vancouver take a Sea Bus and ride it till Lonsdale Quay from there takes a bus which is numbered #236 to Grouse Mountain. The whole process will take around 25 to 30 minutes.

3. Deep Cove

                Ocean Kayaking is the best experience which one must have as a traveller. The place is a completely safe place and the view is amazing. The place is full of mountains and clouds. To reach the place from Vancouver it will take around 20 minutes from bus loop, Seymour Creek 2 #212. Rent a Kayak from there which will cost you around $39 to $58 for 2 to 3 hours. The Kayak is also available for the full day as well for around $85.

4. Lynn Canyon

                It is a suspension bridge which is less crowded and less expensive. The breathtaking views filled with Lynn Valley, Park, waterfalls and many more will surely make you fall in love with that place.Take a Sea bus #228 or #229 from Downtown Vancouver and the bus will directly take you to Lynn Valley centre where you have to walk about 15 min’s to reach Lynn Canyon. The place will surely blow your mind.

5. Queen Elizabeth Park

                Its a completely free park. It is the most beautiful park which is filled with a rose garden, manicured quarry garden and several more gardens.  There are around 120 or more free-flying birds along with 500 or more tropical plants and not to forget the three different climate zones. The park is at the pinnacle point of Vancouver it will offer spectacular views along with dancing fountains. It will take around 19 to 33 min’s from downtown by catching bus #15.

6. Yale Town

                This place is best to go at night because of its mesmerizing reflection of lights at night. You can check out restaurants, cocktail, boutiques over there.  This place is for nightlife lovers where they can enjoy dancing, partying and live music. From downtown, there is metro available which will take around 30 to 40 mins.

7. Capilano Suspension Bridge

                It is a tourist attraction which is the oldest in Vancouver. The bridge offers spectacular views of the Capilano River. It is quite expensive which will cost you around $43 to $45 and the parking cost is around $ 4 to $5. The bridge is 140 meters long and about 70 meters above the river. The place is full of tourist which sometimes makes it crowded. The bridge shares its history since 1889, George Grant Mackay who was a Scottish Civil engineer made this bridge. Several episodes are also featured over the bridge such as MacGyver, Sliders etc. From downtown Vancouver, you have to take a public sea bus #246 to Granville Sky train and from there the Bridge can be reached easily.

8. Granville island

                The place is a neighbourhood of Vancouver. The market here is one of the best markets in open-air situated in North America. The place is full of food stalls and fast food. You can enjoy the performances of buskers who are always ready to play for the crowd in order to entertain them. The place is full of shopping. The place is about 3 km’s from downtown Vancouver and you can go walking but if you want to go from ferry or bus it is also available.

9. Pacific Spirit Park

                The visitors to the park can enjoy 50 to 70 km’s hike of the land which is dog-friendly and off-leash friendly. The area can be covered by cycling, walking and horseback riding. The land surrounds an area of the University of British Columbia, which is a very famous university, shores of the Georgia straits which are located in the Pacific Ocean. Pacific Spirit Park is around 11 km’s from the downtown and can be reached by public transport like From Langara-49th Avenue Sky Train Station, Vancouver Bus #025.

10. Sea to Sky Gondola

                The suspension bridge will take you to the sky and angles will do hip hop and belly dance with you, just kidding. But the place is extremely beautiful with exquisite 360-degree views. The bridge is 100 meters long Covering River, clouds and mountain range. The place is the newest and becoming a top-notch attraction for tourists. The place is quite far from Vancouver which is around 60 km’s from downtown Vancouver. Public transportation is not available but you can hire a taxi and Tour buses.

11. English Bay (sunset)

                The place is very popular for sunset view.  The rock architecture, the grass, river and the beautiful mountain will make you fall in love with the place. The quietness can be heard with the listening ears. There is a sunset beach along the south shore of Kitsilano Beach. The place can be reached by Sky train or walking which will take around 10 mins because it is near to the downtown, 4 km.

12. Sunshine coast

                Sunshine coast can be reached by Ferry and it is recommended to every traveller to try this journey. Sunshine Coast has many things to offer like Mountain biking, Snowshoeing and Skiing, Scuba diving, Rock climbing etc. Sunshine Coast Trail is Canada’s longest hut-to-hut hiking trail.

13. Georgia Strait (local event)

                The place is completely for the event which may be a blockbuster movie show, comedy show, music etc. The place is also famous for its food and nightlife. It is recommended to go to that place at night.

14. Vancouver Aquarium

                Vancouver Aquarium can be reached within 5 minutes from downtown. The place will blow your mind. The Aquarium is one of the largest in North America. You will gain practical knowledge about the species of the Pacific Ocean.

15. Wander Van Dusen Botanical Gardens

                The spot is perfect for a picnic where you can come in every season. You will see beautiful and colourful trees over there. The garden cover area of around 55 acres. There are beautiful flowers and mesmerizing lakes.

16. Chinatown (Chinese gardens)

                China in Vancouver, right now China is in Vancouver as well. Just kidding. China Town is a popular tourist destination. There are several activities you can do over there such as Sam Kee Building, Wing Sang Building, Chinese Freemasons Building, Chinese Benevolent Association of Vancouver and the most popular Dr Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden. Chinatown can be reached walking 5 min’s, it’s 1.1 km to downtown.

17. Jericho Beach Park

                It’s a picnic destination which is surrounded by a park and pond along with tennis court. There are various activities you can do over there such as playing volleyball, soccer and baseball. If someone wants to do the job of a lifeguard can also apply here as well. The place can be reached via bus because it is 8.2 km from downtown.

18. Sunset Beach Park

                This beach is also tempting located in the west neighbourhood. Where you can walk along the seawall and enjoy the gorgeous sunset view. The place can be reached taking bus #10 from Vancouver city Centre Sky Train Station which will take 22 mins.

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